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David’s been an independent booker since punk’s halcyon days — At Bogart’s they’ve given him a chance to throw his weight around, and he’s booked rock’s dinosaurs and the newest music so successfully the house gave him a big advertising budget and new sound. – LA Weekly

At Bogart’s, Swinson found a way to reconcile profits with ethics. He came up with his own system – the “unlimited guest list” – that has turned local music into a reliable moneymaker. – Los Angeles Times

As in-house promoter, David Swinson brought an eclectic approach to Bogart’s. – Los Angeles Times

. . . how about a short jaunt to the ’80s when punk rock was doing splendidly in Long Beach, thanks in no small part to onetime local promoter David Swinson… Local rock and pop culture fans will recall Swinson’s later Long Beach days in the later ’80s when he put acts like the Pixies, plus talkers Hunter S. Thompson, Timothy Leary and John Waters…(in the now defunct Bogart’s). – Long Beach Press TelegramDavid, did you find Cathy’s coat from Belly Up? Also, my GT hat from the limo. If not, you die. – Hunter S. Thompson, March 5, 1990.


Sound Bites From The Counter Culture

Essential listening. – Billboard Magazine


If you recognize that there are forces which threaten a profound impact on the right to choose what we can think, read and hear — a threat with real menace that could have a profound influence on our lives in the near future — then you’ll want to sample these bites. – College Music Journal

What better way to possibly kick our lethargic, liberal butts into shape than with a compilation of names speaking about the survival/death of personal freedoms…And the most genius part is that it’s not a spoken word record per se, but the MTV generation equivalent… – Rockpool

How times have changed. Just days after it boldly announced it was distributing 2 Live Crew’s upcoming album, Atlantic is also putting out a no-holds-barred spoken-word album called “Sound Bites From the Counter Culture.” Culled largely from performances at Bogart’s earlier this year, the just-released album features a rainbow coalition of pop-culture rabble-rousers including Hunter Thompson, Jello Biafra, the late Abbie Hoffman, Timothy Leary, Jim Carroll, ex-Black Flag singer Henry Rollins and ex-Sen. Eugene McCarthy… The album jacket captures the record’s spirit perfectly… Inside the material is just as spicy. – Los AngelesTimes

Anybody who thinks that Richard Crenna narrating “The Hunt for Red October” is a compelling spoken-word recording needs to hear “Sound Bites From the Counter Culture.” – Fresno Bee


260_RoadsideProphetsRoadside Prophets

The film that left such a bad taste in David’s mouth, he fled LA, vowing never to return.

Although the film’s setup is promising, “Roadside Prophets” almost immediately becomes mired in pretentious symbolism and cutesy little jokes. – New York Times

A failed, would-be cult item with funny cameos. – San Francisco Examiner

It’s a sort of fairy tale, a ’90s version of “Easy Rider,” but it’s so loosely strung together, so aimless and so willfully quirky, it gets lost in its own meanderings. – Washington Post

It’s easy to see why “Roadside Prophets” became an under-the-radar cult classic (great cast, sly writing, killer music, beautiful scenery), yet it’s a shame that the film never rose above its slightest cult status. –


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